Digital Innovators Blog

Digital Innovators Blog

What jobs use digital skills?

Pete delves into the types of jobs which our Skills Programme students have the opportunity to pursue as a result of their digital skills.

Employer Spotlight – Taran 3D

What do employers look for in job candidates? What do they think of Digital Skills? How has COVID-19 impacted their business? In this Employer Spotlight we spoke to Taran Singh, Managing Director at Taran 3D, to get to the bottom of these questions…

Digital skills training – participant’s perspective: Unnati

Unnati Sodha was one of our first participants on the WMCA-funded Digital Innovators Skills Programme. We caught up with her to find our what she thought of the training and what she was able to gain from the experience.

Unemployed and lacking in self-confidence? Read on.

Being unemployed is scary and this can lead to a lack in self-confidence. Having changed jobs countless times, Liv delves into the issues of being unemployed and how to combat them.

Reflections on 2020

We have seen huge amounts of resilience, flexibility and ambition as people responded to the trials of living in a changing world defined by challenges not previously seen. Individuals who have shown creative flair and ingenuity.


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