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Not sure where to start with CVs? 5 tips for CV writing

Not sure where to start with your CV?

A CV is your chance to make a great first impression with employers. But where do you start? Here are 5 top tips for writing CVs…

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Beginning your journey into web design

Our Content Creation Guru, Liv, gives her top tips for starting a journey into web design and key things to take into account when doing so!

From lockdown hobby to side hustle

Our Communications & Business Development Assistant explores how her lockdown hobby developed into a side hustle, and how this helped to secure full-time employment.

Why you need a side hustle

Why you need a side hustle! 3 reasons why you should consider a side hustle and 5 tips to help you get it started…

What jobs use digital skills?

Pete delves into the types of jobs which our Skills Programme students have the opportunity to pursue as a result of their digital skills.

Employer Spotlight – Taran 3D

What do employers look for in job candidates? What do they think of Digital Skills? How has COVID-19 impacted their business? In this Employer Spotlight we spoke to Taran Singh, Managing Director at Taran 3D, to get to the bottom of these questions…


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