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Digital Innovators Blog

What is it like to have a Kickstarter?

Have you wondered what it is like to employ a Kickstarter? Here’s the low-down on our experience with the Kickstart Scheme!

How to manage your network: maintaining and nurturing relationships

Managing your network

After beginning to network and establishing connections with people, the next step is to maintain and nurture these relationships over time. But how do you do this? Kim tells us how…

Digital Innovators Project Round Up

With our 2020-21 cohort now complete, we took some time to reflect on the work they have achieved over the past year. Let’s take a look…

Kickstart Scheme - Hannah's experience on the Kickstart Scheme

My Kickstart Experience

Heard of the Kickstart Scheme? Want to know more about it? In this article, DI Team Member Hannah sheds some light on the scheme…

DI Discussions - What skills do employers really want?

What skills do employers really want?

With new reports being published all the time stating the “top 10 skills employers need” – how can we be sure what they really want? Pete delves into the matter…

Digital Networking - How do I network online?

Digital Networking

Digital networking is taking the action of meeting new people, online. Let’s delve into some top tips to get you started with digital networking…

DI Discussions - Are we missing out on great talent?

DI Discussions

With the use of CV screening software increasing, how do we combat the problems this brings and make sure we recruit the right people on to our teams? Let’s discuss…


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