Digital Innovators Blog

Digital Innovators Blog

Employer Spotlight – Altruist Enterprises

Do you want to be an entrepreneur? Find out what it’s like to set up your own business in the latest Employer Spotlight with the Founder of Altruist Enterprises!

Project Update – Vanti

We’ve had a great first term with students on the DI Skills Programme! Let’s recap on what the Vanti team have been up to…

Project Update – UHB Maps

It’s nearly the end of term, so it’s time for a project update! Let’s see what the UHB Maps project team have been up to…

Reflect, Review, Renew - The importance of self-reflection

Reflect, Review, Renew

Self-reflection is essential for personal, academic and professional growth. Let’s delve into how you can reflect, review and renew…


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