Meet the team

Meet the DI team

The DI Team

Peter Cripps

Design and Technology Director

Pete has over 40 years of experience in the computing industry, including 30 years working at IBM UK. At Digital Innovators, Pete is responsible for the design and delivery of the technical aspects of our training curriculum. He also provides overall guidance on technology for the business.

Harry Paige

Centre Manager

Harry is responsible for overseeing the delivery of our skills programmes. This includes the technical skills training and managing projects worked on by our students.

Mick Westman

Founder and CEO

After an illustrious career at BT as Director of Digital Transformation and Change, Mick went on to found Digital Innovators with the mission of bridging the gap between education and employment.

David Hull

Business Development and Operations Director

David heads up the commercial side of Digital Innovators, presiding over the business development, operations and strategy of the organisation.

Kim Casey

Lead Skills Coach

Kim combines business expertise with personal experience of how to make an impact on the football field – giving him the perfect credentials to coach young people as they embark on their career.

Chris Kennedy

Community Engagement Officer

Chris works on on engaging with members of the Digital Innovators community through our Digital Literacy Programme. He is also one of our Junior Skills Coaches.

Hannah Wright

Education Liaison Officer

As our Education Liaison Officer, (and organisational guru), Hannah is responsible for maintaining the relationship Digital Innovators holds with our learners and educational providers. She is also currently undertaking a degree apprenticeship in Project Management.

David Clarkson

Project Mentor

David has over 40 years IT experience, from start-ups through to multinational IT corporations. David looks to share this experience as he mentors Digital Innovators students with their projects.

Ashley Kabue

Programme Communications Officer

Ashley is responsible for delivering the communications plan for the programme, and getting our name out there – through digital marketing, social media management and more.

Siddhi Jain

Junior Skills Coach

Siddhi is responsible for learner engagement and programme delivery as a Junior Skills Coach – supported by her background in psychology, Siddhi leads our learners to success.

Catherine Martin

Communications Director – Consultant

With over 25 years of experience, Catherine aims to help us to build the profile of Digital Innovators, strengthen relationships with our students, partners and influences, and celebrate our successes.

David Hardman

Chair and Director of Digital Innovators West Midlands CIC

David brings a wealth of experience to the role of Chair and Director that will truly benefit the local community and enable us to take the next step in our mission to provide alternative pathways to employment.

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