What do we do?

What we do at Digital Innovators?

Find out more about the programmes through which we inspire change and unlock the potential of young people across the region

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We unlock potential

In light of our mission to bridge the gap between education and employment, we have designed a skills programme to enable young people to become the best version of themselves that they can be, by unlocking their potential and tapping into their innate skills which are so sought after by employers.

Our innovative and fresh approach to employability and skills training paired with industry project opportunities with employers has enabled hundreds of young people to not only unlock their potential, but also to gain valuable work experience by providing tangible business improvements for employers.

How do we do this?

We work with education providers and community organisations to deliver the DI skills programme which is designed to enhance employability skills in young people

We facilitate collaboration between young people in the region and employers of all sizes through live work projects to produce tangible business improvements

Our combination of hands-on learning and specialised training enables young people to unlock their potential whilst accessing meaningful employment opportunities

Who is involved?

There are three parties which are essential to our mission to bridge the gap between education and employment.

Education Providers and Community Organisations

Young people between the ages of 14-24

Businesses and Employers

What is our impact?

Since our inception, we have worked with thousands of young people across the West Midlands. Our innovative programme which facilitates collaboration between young people and businesses combined with specialised skills training, has a variety of outcomes.

Education Providers & Community Organisations

  • Increased career prospects for a large cohort of young people of all backgrounds
  • Access to a programme which directly complements academic courses they offer by nurturing employability and digital skills

Young people

  • Increased confidence and self-belief
  • Enhanced employability and digital skills
  • Tangible work experience with an employer
  • Access to alternative career pathways such as apprenticeships, traineeships, etc!


  • A fresh perspective on industry challenges
  • An insight into the region’s future workforce to identify potential job candidates
  • An opportunity to contribute to the development of young people and the wider efforts to end the UK’s skills crisis

Be a part of the change

Our work is facilitated by a community of collaborators. From businesses to education providers, from funding partners to young people. Get in touch today to be a part of it.