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This free Downloadable Resource Centre gives you access to downloadable resources and worksheets which will allow you to take some of our tips and tools away with you, so you can continue developing your skills in your own time.

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Join Day 5 of the DI Skillsathon Challenge 🚀
CV Do’s ✅ & Don’ts ❌
Join Day 4 of the DI Skillsathon Challenge 🚀
Weaknesses & Mistakes
Join Day 3 of the DI Skillsathon Challenge 🚀
Showcasing My Work
Join Day 2 of the DI Skillsathon Challenge 🚀
My Unique Selling Point
Join Day 1 of the DI Skillsathon Challenge 🚀
Who am I? 💡
Let’s reflect using the “What, So What, What Next” method…
Need help preparing for an interview? Online or in person? Download this cheat sheet!
Tips to help make sure your CV makes you stand out from the crowd!
Practise communication, adaptability and negotiation skills through this challenge booklet alongside reading our blog post.
Discover how to unlock your creativity with this booklet and blog post.
An image about navigating the job market during a global pandemic.
Navigating the Job Market During a Global Pandemic. See our blog post for more information.
Complete this booklet alongside our blog post to reflect on last year and put a plan in place for the next!
Side hustles and Passion Projects Vision Board. Use this to bring your vision to life!

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