Using music to power creativity

From time to time, no matter what our task, we all experience the dreaded creative block. Following on from our recent blog where Pete discusses his top tips for unleashing your creativity, the team at Digital Innovators began thinking about our own techniques for tapping into a creative mindset.

Kobi Noah, Digital Innovator’s Assistant Technician and graduate of the Digital Innovators Skills Programme, has shared how he breaks through those pesky creative blocks using music.

Kobi’s Tips

“Creative blocks suck. As an 18-year-old who prides myself on being creative in everything I do, there is nothing more frustrating than finding myself staring at a screen or a piece of paper – waiting for that spark in my brain to drive my hands to create something. 

“As humans, I believe everyone has one thing that they are artistically passionate about. If you are reading this and feel that you cannot relate, I assure you that with time and experience, you will find that one hobby or skill which will trigger that creative spark within yourself.

“So, what do I do to break through a creative block, when running laps in my head figuring out my next idea? I listen to music! 

Using music to tap into your creativity

“Now, I’m not going to sit here and tell you that you should listen to some spiritual or psychedelic melody that will completely change your perception of life. All you need to do is listen to a song that makes you feel good inside and let your imagination run wild. Hell, I even imagine my own little music videos to go with the songs! A simple, well-produced instrumental track becomes a song about a little robot trying to find another robot in an apocalyptic wasteland (inspired by the start of the movie Wall-E, of course)!

“My point being, there is a lot to be said for taking some time to let yourself ignore the brick wall that is stopping you from creating. Try to relax and listen to other songs you enjoy or feel strongly about. This can be such an effective way of sparking that flame within ourselves and by doing so, you might just conjure up the perfect idea.

“When you’re looking at that piece of paper or that computer screen, trying to no avail to come up with a new idea, find that musical masterpiece you may have taken for granted and let its subtle tones guide your creativity.”

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