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Mick Westman, Founder

I’m thrilled to welcome visitors to our new Digital Innovators website (and blog).

The last 12 months or so have been a whirlwind of activity for our team. What started (in 2016) as a pilot project to help young people that had struggled to reach their full potential through traditional academic routes, has since blossomed into a full blown course benefitting hundreds of students – and we couldn’t be more pleased.

Our work to date has seen us develop relationships with colleges, universities, local authorities and employers, all of whom want to help young people unlock their potential. Feedback from our students and partners suggests we really are changing lives – not just by giving students the skills they need to excel in the workplace, but by giving them the confidence in their own ability to succeed.

Take a look at the unique way that we work with young people in further education, and the exciting projects the students are engaged in with our local employers. Projects that make a real difference.

None of our work would be possible without the considerable support of our partners, employers and supporters. Thanks to generous support, we are starting to expand what we do and look forward to sharing some announcements about this soon.

As well as our latest news, our blog contains insights into our ground breaking work, and our thinking on topics such as apprenticeships, the future digital workforce and what being being “digital” means.

This is also where we’ll keep you updated with our latest news, tell you about events and courses we are running and also publish informative posts on the digital world we all live in.

We have gone through a re-branding exercise managed by our Associate Communications Director, Catherine Martin, and have a great new logo and look that reflects our belief that we truly do “Unlock Potential”.

We’re excited about the future and look forward to working with existing and new partners to enable more young people to find the right path to their chosen career.

Employer Spotlight: Our Smart Brum

It’s time for another Employer Spotlight… and this time we’re speaking to the team at Our Smart Brum about all things skills, tech and smart cities!

First things first – introduce yourself and your organisation!

“Our Smart Brum is an inclusive tech mash up that brings everyone together – no matter their background or expertise. The focus is on smart cities and, in particular, the technologies and topics that contribute to the infrastructure of one.”

“We aim to provide sustainable and vegan food, change up the format and theme of each event and meet bi-monthly. 60% of our attendees are young people aged 21 and under. This is important to us because Birmingham wants to be a smart city by 2030 and we believe that in order to achieve this, we need to educate the next-generation now.”

Can you explain some of the key roles in your organisation?

“The key roles in our organisation are the event organisers and the marketing and social media team. For such a big event we manage to juggle with just four team members. As a close-knit team we often dip into each other’s roles if necessary.”

“From our research 100% of attendees found out about Our Smart Brum via social media and online, so our marketing and social media team are always very busy!”

Where did the idea for Our Smart Brum come from?

“The key aspects of Our Smart Brum are togetherness and inclusiveness. A lot of tech meet-ups surround themselves around pizza, beer and specific areas the tech eco-system which can isolate other demographics and technology experts.”

“We welcome everyone, regardless of your background or expertise. All we ask is that you have an interest in smart cities and the topics which surround them!”

In your opinion, what do you think are the most sought-after skills by employers?

Soft skills. We want to empower young people to give them the confidence to be able to network with like-minded individuals, but in an environment where they are comfortable to do so.”

“By seeing other people like them at our events, we want to give them to platform to explore their interests in smart cities whilst developing some skills in the process.”

How much do digital skills play a part in your organisation?

“Digital skills are very important at Our Smart Brum. The technologies involved in a smart city are fascinating and ever-changing. We want to educate people across Birmingham and the West Midlands about these technologies, what they do, and the importance of them.”

“From 5g to Blockchain, from Green Energy to Electric Vehicles, and from Artificial Intelligence to Net Zero, the smart city landscape is a game changer.

What advice do you have for young people who are at the beginning of their careers?

Be bold and take risks. Rejection is something that is common, so take it like a pinch of salt and move on. You will make it, believe in yourself, and never give up.”

How do people get involved with Our Smart Brum?

Anybody who wants to get involved can join us at the next Our Smart Brum meet-up in March. Grab your free ticket here.

You can also join our mailing list for updates and news of our next meet-ups here.

That’s a wrap…

It was great talking to the team and getting their perspective on skills and tech…

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Have you ever wondered what a typical day looks like for an apprentice? Hannah gives an insight …
What is The Ideator?
What is The Ideator? Find out more out Digital Innovators West Midlands CIC's new collaborative space and …

A day in the life – Apprentice Edition

Have you ever wondered what a typical day looks like for an apprentice?

Well, our Business Development Administrator (and organisational guru), Hannah, is here to show you a day in the life as she completes her degree apprenticeship with Digital Innovators!

So, Hannah, introduce yourself!

Hiya! I’m Hannah, the Business Development Administrator here at Digital Innovators. I provide support to the team in all areas, as well as reaching out to employers and partners about the work we do.

I am also currently studying as a degree apprentice in project management which I’d love to tell you more about…

What does a typical day look like for you?

To start the day, I usually review my plan of what I need to do, and check in with my manager and some other members of the team to provide any updates or discuss any tasks that are coming up.

I often have meetings with employers and other stakeholders, as well as catching up on any admin. I also incorporate my apprenticeship studies into my working week, so I will plan time to work on this too.  

What does a more exciting day look like?

For me, it’s exciting when we run events with our students and employers (such as our recent workshops for The Ideator). It’s great to see everyone getting involved after months of conversations and organisation!

Employers and students coming together for The Ideator!

During these events, I will often assist with set up and welcoming students and employers, as well as organisation prior to the events – which includes liaising with stakeholders, employers, students, etc!

I also enjoy attending study sessions for my apprenticeship where I can learn new content. I get the chance to apply what I’ve been working on day-to-day to my studies, work with other apprentices, attend lectures and study sessions, and complete my coursework – all of which goes towards obtaining my degree.

How do you balance your studies with your work?

I usually spend one day a week, or two afternoons each week, studying towards my degree apprenticeship. I also attend weekly virtual lectures with my apprenticeship provider.

My manager and team allow me enough time to study around working in my day-to-day role. 

What is your favourite thing about being an apprentice?

There are lots of great things about being an apprentice. One of the main things that I enjoy about being an apprentice is the variety that it provides. One day I am representing the DI team at a careers fair, the next I’m delving into financial evaluation methods or even attending an awards evening!

At the Solihull Chambers of Commerce Awards collecting our award!

I also like that I am able to study and progress my education alongside working in a real business environment. I really enjoy attending lectures with other apprentices who work for completely different companies and have lots of other experience.

I can also put some of my learning into practice immediately after studying, which allows me to develop further in my career than I would think possible if I was solely studying and not working.

What would you say to someone who was considering applying for an apprenticeship or degree apprenticeship?

I would say that an apprenticeship is a great way to get some real-life work experience whilst carrying on with learning and personal development along the way!

My apprenticeship course is degree level, so is obviously a lot of work, but I am able to manage it well by planning my time and having open communication with my manager about what time I will need each week to study.

Taking on this course has also taught me about more about managing my time and workload, which will be incredibly useful as my career progresses!

Representing the DI Team in front of stakeholders, employers and students!

What’s the best thing that you have learned so far?

Not only have I learned a lot of business theory which I can see in practice in my team and company, but I have also developed a lot of soft skills such as teamwork, communication, time management, and organisation which will help me to become a rounded individual as these are applicable in any industry and situation!

Think an apprenticeship might be the route for you?

If you’re thinking about applying for an apprenticeship, or want to find out more about them, visit – https://www.apprenticeships.gov.uk/#.

You can also find more information about apprenticeships in our latest issue of The Stride – our monthly newsletter which covers everything from CVs to networking, apprenticeships to interviews.

You can subscribe here or view our latest issues here.

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What is The Ideator?
What is The Ideator? Find out more out Digital Innovators West Midlands CIC's new collaborative space and pilot programme.

What is The Ideator?

The Ideator

Following the establishment of Digital Innovators West Midlands Community Interest Company, we are launching The Ideator!

The Ideator is a collaborative work environment based on the Innovation Birmingham Campus, supported by Bruntwood SciTech and Greater Birmingham and Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership, which will be launched through a series of pilot workshops across January and February 2022. 

These workshops which will bring together businesses, community organisations, educators, and young people to tackle a variety of industry challenges and kickstart The Ideator.

What is it?

The Ideator is a unique collaborative environment based in the heart of Birmingham’s Knowledge Quarter on the Innovation Birmingham Campus.

In this space, we aim to facilitate our “learning by doing” approach to skills development and training. We want to create a place where young people can develop their skills in a practical way by working on projects and ideas provided by large corporate and government organisations, SMEs, and start-ups from the West Midlands area.

A secondary purpose is for The Ideator is to establish an incubator and development process for both new and established businesses to develop their ideas, whilst employing young people who have gone through The Ideator programme.

Students and employers taking part in a team-building activity.

What do we hope to achieve?

Through The Ideator, Digital Innovators aims to:

  • Enable young people (aged 16-24) to develop the skills needed to succeed in the workplace and gain experience working in a business environment.
  • Facilitate collaboration between young people, industry experts, university researchers and government agencies to develop solutions to the latest industry challenges.
  • Create the opportunity for young people to demonstrate skills in front of potential employers, as well as a pipeline to traineeships, apprenticeships, or full-time employment.
  • Train participants in the new and in demand technical skills such as 5G, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and blockchain using platforms provided by world-leading technology companies such as IBM, Microsoft, BT, and Huawei.
  • Encourage the development of business ideas after the initial programme. We will aid young people with the formation of their own start-ups, or continuation of projects developed with our employer partners.
Digital Innovators students pitching their initial ideas to employers.

Want to get involved?

We are incredibly excited for this next step on our journey of bridging the gap between young people and employment.

We are also keen to explore opportunities for further collaboration.

Whether you are an employer, a community organisation, an education provider, or individual – if you would like to get involved with The Ideator, please get in touch.

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Reflecting on 2021, looking ahead to 2022 and tackling youth unemployment

2021 saw Digital Innovators make significant headway in adapting and developing our skills programmes to unlock the potential of hundreds of young people in the region. We also expanded our team, moved into new offices, launched Digital Innovators West Midlands Community Interest Company and even won an award for Outstanding Education and Training at Solihull Awards 2021!

So, how do we plan to follow that this year?

Mick Westman, Founder and CEO of Digital Innovators shares his thoughts on the challenges for young people in 2022 and how Digital Innovators intends to help more young people gain meaningful employment.

Mick’s reflection

Digital Innovators’ mission is to provide alternative pathways to employment. Our focus is supporting 16–24 year olds by unlocking their potential. This remains as true today as it was when we started – but how we achieve this has adapted in light of the pandemic, not only to respond to new challenges caused by COVID restrictions, but in recognition of the significant increase in demand for digital skills across all industry sectors.

2021 delivered some sobering facts:

  • Between August and October 2021 – 87,000 people aged 16-24 had been unemployed for over 12 months, which was 18.9% of unemployed 16-24 year olds. This is an increase from 18.6% of unemployed people in this age group in the previous quarter.
  • Shockingly, 20% of all people who had been unemployed for over 12 months were between the ages of 16 and 24 year olds.1
  • The number of young people in employment has fallen by 171,000, a 5% fall since 2020.

Not only has the pandemic affected these young people individually, it has impacted our economy as a whole, with the cost of higher youth unemployment in terms of lost national output forecast to be £5.9 billion in 2021, rising to £6.9 billion in 2022.2

Taking action to tackle youth unemployment

We are redoubling our efforts to find more ways to bridge the gap between employers and young people to provide alternative talent pipelines and support them in their skills and experience development for when the jobs market recovers.

Now more than ever, we need to help these young people build the confidence, self-belief, and resilience needed to stand out from the crowd and demonstrate their value to employers – and in 2022, we have a number of exciting initiatives coming up which will do exactly that.

In 2022 Digital Innovators will focus on creating an environment that allows employers and these young people to work together, to share ideas and to create alternative career pathways that help address this worrying trend of young people in this age group being unemployed, and for extended periods of time.

This will primarily be done through delivering our skills programmes in colleges and schools, as well as through The Ideator – based at Innovation Birmingham – in collaboration with Bruntwood SciTech and GBSLEP, which will be launching with five events this January and February. These events will see national and local employers working directly with students in live problem-solving workshops to address business challenges.

By providing a space and opportunities in which young people can demonstrate their capability, skills and ideas, I am confident that we can illustrate to employers the value that young people can bring to their business and facilitate further collaboration which will contribute to the reduction of youth unemployment in the region.

Thank you

Digital Innovators would like to thank everyone who has supported us throughout 2021. Without your support, our work would not be possible. We look forward to continuing to work together to facilitate the development young people in the West Midlands.

We are keen to share more about our plans for 2022 and explore further opportunities for collaboration. To get involved, please email info@digitalinnovators.co.uk.

1 Youth Unemployment Statistics 2021 House of Commons research briefings.

2 Report from Learning and Work Institute and The Prince’s Trust, supported by HSBC UK.

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Have you ever wondered what a typical day looks like for an apprentice? Hannah gives an insight into her life as an apprentice!

Dr David Hardman MBE appointed as Director and Chairman of Digital Innovators West Midlands Community Interest Company

Following the announcement last month that we had launched Digital Innovators West Midlands Community Interest Company, we are thrilled to share the appointment of Dr David Hardman MBE. David has agreed to join Digital Innovators West Midlands Community Interest Company as a Director and Chairman.

David shares Digital Innovators’ passion of releasing the potential of young people in the region and in doing so creating long-term sustainable career pathways with local employers that underpin digital transformation and economic growth.

David said “In a world of constant challenges and change, access to innovative talent is essential for a company’s growth and survival. Too often employers look to the same places for their future employees – generally in their own or corporate mould. Diversity promotes real innovation. So, inclusive development of talent offers businesses the best chance of success.”

“I have joined the Digital Innovators West Midlands Community Interest Company because their approach is about innate talent – looking beyond previous attainment to identify and develop fresh talent that is so needed for tomorrow’s industries. It is an opportunity-for-all approach that should be seen as being fundamental to the levelling up and across agenda”.

David brings a wealth of experience to the role that will truly benefit the local community and enable us to take the next step in our mission to provide alternative pathways to employment.

Dr David Hardman MBE – Biography

Until the beginning of this year David was Managing Director of Bruntwood SciTech in Birmingham. His career over the last twenty-five years has been in knowledge transfer. His expertise and interests have been directed at creating appropriate partnerships and infrastructures promoting the development and success of cross sectorial knowledge-based businesses as part of the UK science park movement.

He started out as a PhD microbiologist, with research interests in the application of microbes in what is now described as ‘clean technology’. In 1992 co-founded and led a start-up biotech venture and this experience developed into a wider interest in the translation of science into good and applicable technologies.

Following 10 years in Cambridge leading the early commercial development of the Babraham Research Campus, Cambridge, he moved to Birmingham in 2008 and over 13 years developed and implemented a strategy to build on the legacy of Aston Science Park. The result is the Innovation Birmingham Campus; an urban focal point promoting digital innovation and adoption across all sectors, which became part of Bruntwood SciTech in 2018 to create a focal point for a thriving innovation district in Birmingham.

During his time in Birmingham David developed and led the delivery of two business start-up and access to innovation programmes – Entrepreneurs for the Future and Serendip® – and as part of the latter recognised the need to promote neurodiversity amongst the region’s innovators. This led to the Serendip Ideator project which launched in partnership with Digital Innovators in January 2022; at which point David joined the Board of the Digital Innovators West Midlands Community Interest Company as Chairman.

David is also a NED on the Board of the Greater Birmingham & Solihull LEP; sits on the innovation and skills boards for the GBSLEP and the West Midlands Combined Authority and is a Director of the Titan Partnership.

David was awarded an MBE for ‘contributions to science’ in 2009.

Want to learn more?

Interested in working with Digital Innovators West Midlands Community Interest Company? Get in touch at info@digitalinnovators.co.uk.

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Employer Spotlight: Our Smart Brum
Interested in tech and smart cities? We spoke to the team at Our Smart Brum about their inclusive tech mash up which covers 5G, Blockchain, …
A day in the life – Apprentice Edition
Have you ever wondered what a typical day looks like for an apprentice? Hannah gives an insight into her life as an apprentice!

Employer Spotlight – Altruist Enterprises

Right, let’s get started… Introduce yourself!

“I’m Katie Buckingham, I’m 28 and I’m the founder of Altruist Enterprises.”

“Altruist Enterprises provides resilience, stress management and mental health awareness training to organisations, businesses, and schools nationally, but with a particular focus on the West Midlands.”

Can you explain a bit more in depth about your role?

“Since founding Altruist Enterprises, I have adopted many roles within the organisation. The role I most enjoy is product development – by this I mean developing new training courses around mental health. This also involves speaking to our customers and audience and conducting market research so that our programmes address the most prominent issues faced by people today.”

“As this is my business, I also have some responsibility in operations, sales, HR and recruitment. Essentially, my job is to ensure that our training is delivered effectively and that we have the right people on board to help manage and grow Altruist Enterprises.”

“But overall, my role is to raise awareness around mental health across multiple settings and be a champion for following a vocational education path.”

What are the origins of Altruist Enterprises?

“The idea for Altruist Enterprises came to me around the age of 17 after experiencing problems with anxiety from a young age. This was at a time when mental health wasn’t really spoken about so for awhile, I didn’t even realise that this was what I was experiencing and didn’t speak about what I was feeling as I was worried about what people would think of me.”

“After developing my own coping mechanisms whilst on waiting lists for professional support, and eventually getting the support I needed at 16, I realised how long this was to wait for help and came to the conclusion that without the stigma around mental health, I might have received help much sooner.”

“With this in mind, I applied and secured some funding to run some mental health workshops in schools and produced a resource for teachers to increase awareness around mental health so this could be brought into the classroom.”

“After that, I finished my A-Levels and wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do next. I didn’t want to follow the traditional path of going to university, but I knew I wanted to focus more on project management, business, and mental health awareness.”

“So, I joined the Peter Jones’ Enterprise Academy and developed a business – which didn’t work out but I learnt so much from regardless. The vocational focus and practical mindset confirmed that I wanted to set up my own business around mental health, and this led to the creation of Altruist Enterprises – and here we are eight years later.”

What advice do you have for young people who are at the beginning of their careers?

“It’s easier said than done, but don’t put too much pressure on yourself. We are often told to follow a traditional route of going to school, then to college, then to university, then to work – but you don’t have to do that.

“It’s completely fine to take a break, try new things and figure out what you really want to do, and do this in your own time. You don’t need to accomplish everything between the ages of 11 and 25! So, don’t be afraid of failure – as failing and trying again is something I have done a lot over the years, and has helped me get to where I am now.””

Which skills do you think are most important in the workplace?

“From my experience of running a business, I have looked at so many CVs over the years and personally, I don’t really look at their education history. What I look for is their work experience and voluntary work, and the skills they have gained as a result.”

“When looking to hire someone, I focus on the transferable skills gained through their work experience and how people have put themselves out there in order to further develop themselves. This proactive attitude, determination and willingness to get out of their comfort zone is something I definitely look for.”

“Of course, these opportunities aren’t always easy to find, especially for young people, and that’s why organisations such as Digital Innovators – who bridge the gap between young people and employers – are so helpful.”

How much does having digital skills play a part in your job? How has having digital skills enabled you to get to where you are now?

“Having digital capabilities has always been important in the workplace but has become essential as a result of the pandemic. Before COVID-19, the majority of our courses were delivered in person and have since been mainly delivered online.

Therefore, our staff need to have digital skills in order to properly manage the delivery of our training. Coincidentally, this has improved the accessibility of our courses as they have become more flexible for people to attend and has actually led to an increase in uptake of our courses.”

Thank you, Katie, for taking the time to talk to us and share your story – I’m sure it is one that many young people will be able to relate to and feel inspired by!

To find out more about Katie’s work, you can visit Altruist Enterprises website here.

Now, you’ve heard Katie’s story. Where could your idea take you?

Have an idea you’d like to explore? Start now! You don’t know where it could take you.

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This article was written by Bronia - Communications and Business Development Assistant

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Press Release – Digital Innovators launches Community Interest Company

We’ve got some exciting news to share! Please see our latest press release below.

Businesses and young people to tackle real world challenges under new Community Interest Company

Training and skills provider, Digital Innovators has formed Digital Innovators West Midlands Community Interest Company, to facilitate collaboration between young people and businesses in the West Midlands.

With support and funding from GBSLEP and Bruntwood SciTech, Digital Innovators West Midlands Community Interest Company will launch a pilot series of events designed to bring together young talent and local businesses to solve business challenges.

These events will include businesses across many different sectors – including construction, fintech, professional services, healthcare, engineering and more – and are an exciting next step in Digital Innovators’ ambition to help young people from disadvantaged backgrounds develop their skills and confidence to make their mark as they enter the world of employment.

By forming Digital Innovators West Midlands Community Interest Company, the organisation is able to build upon and develop new partnerships with businesses who are interested in expanding their corporate social responsibility policies to invest in skills and employment opportunities for young people in the West Midlands whilst benefiting from innovative business solutions.

This initiative is the first campaign to be launched by the newly-formed Digital Innovators West Midlands Community Interest Company, and builds on its sister company’s five year track record of working in partnership with schools and colleges to provide digital and workplace skills training to 16-25 year olds and bridge the gap between education and the workplace.

Founder and CEO of Digital Innovators, Mick Westman, said “for Digital Innovators, establishing Digital Innovators West Midlands Community Interest Company allows us to expand our current partnerships and identify new opportunities to work with companies and grant-funding organisations to benefit the growing number of young people in the region that have not yet had the right support to help them reach their full potential. We want to improve equal access to opportunities for this talented generation whilst generating tangible business solutions across multiple industries.”

Digital Innovators is keen to collaborate with businesses, schools or colleges who are interested in being part of upcoming challenge events. Organisations wanting to get involved should contact Digital Innovators on info@digitalinnovators.co.uk.

For more information about Digital Innovators, please visit – https://digitalinnovators.co.uk/

Project Update – The Clarity Practice

What a term it’s been for the DI Skills Programme! Students from Solihull College and University Centre have been working incredibly hard since their project launches, so we thought we’d fill you in on what they’ve been up to.

Giulia, Tauheed, Naima, Tasalla, Emma, Amtul, and Yunus have been working with The Clarity Practice on the development of an app to support carers and care givers.  

So, how has the team progressed since the launch earlier this term?

In a small number of weeks, this team has made immense progress.

They have completed design thinking sessionsdesigned visuals for the app, as well as planning layouts, colour schemes, and logos.

At each stage, this team has held The Clarity Practice’s values and the experience of carers in the fore front on their minds, ensuring that their plans meet the needs of both the employer and prospective customer.

Have there been any hurdles to overcome?

Nope! Due to the clear communication between the team and the employers at The Clarity Practice, this group has gotten off to a brilliant start.

Students working with their DI Mentors and employer from The Clarity Practice to understand the needs of their target audience!

Top 3 achievements from the team this term?

  • The team has been engaging effectively with their employer throughout this term.
  • The team have created unique visuals and plans for the app, informed by their own experiences with carers.
  • Despite not knowing each other just five weeks ago, the team has worked incredibly well together this term.

Great job team! We can’t wait to see what’s next…

That’s it for our project updates this term… Don’t worry, we have more updates coming in the new year on current projects and new ones!

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Project Update – Vanti

Students on the DI Skills Programme at Solihull College and University Centre have been getting stuck into their employer projects this term!

Arya, Asmaa, Mubarik, Zynap, Ewura, and Azan have been working on a market research project with Vanti, which is centred around smart buildings of the future.

We spoke to our delivery team, Harry and Pete, to find out how they’ve been getting on…

So, how has the team progressed since the launch earlier this term?

So far the project team have conducted thorough design thinking and research into the project set by Vanti.

After developing user stories and stepping into the shoes of their potential clients, the team then researched the market and planned for trial periods of Vanti’s new product which they are currently developing and hope to utilise in smart buildings.  

Tom Silk, Communications Manager at Vanti, has worked closely with the team this term and said:

“I’ve been really impressed by the group’s attitude and how they have increased their knowledge week by week. They have made great progress and the information they have gathered will be extremely useful for our business.”

Have there been any hurdles to overcome?

After some initial issues with the team’s presentation skills and overall confidence, they have completed their training modules which cover skills such as communication, presentations, and networking.

Since then they improved drastically – leaving the employer, the DI team and their Head of School at Solihull College thoroughly impressed in their most recent presentation!

Top 3 achievements from the team this term?

  • The team have been engaging consistently and effectively with their employer throughout the project.
  • All parties have effectively engaged in networking events and improved their confidence.
  • Together the team conducted an interview with the facilities managers at Innovation Birmingham in order to better understand their project subject matter.

Well done!

Great job team – you have smashed it so far! We can’t wait to see what you achieve in the new year…

More updates to follow…

We have more project updates coming this week, and more projects launching in 2022!

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Project Update – UHB Maps

We have nearly reached the end of the first term on the DI Skills Programme, so of course, it’s time for a project update!

Since the launch of the UHB Maps project with University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust, the project team – Anwar, Moeez, Joshua and James – have been working hard to create an interactive map to help new starters with navigating the site.

We spoke to members of the Digital Innovators team, Harry Paige and David Clarkson, who have been supporting the team as they bring this project to life…

So, how has the team progressed since the launch earlier this term?

The project team have determined a solution to the problem posed by University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust, and have began developing a prototype which allows users to see locations in the hospital using QR Codes and 360-degree video technology.

They have began testing this technology to see how it works, and what they can improve on!

Have there been any hurdles to overcome?

As yet, there have been no hurdles. After meeting just under two months ago, the team have been working very well together ever since.  

Top 3 achievements from the team this term?

  1. The team have been brilliant at maintaining effective communication with their employer by having weekly catch ups.  
  2. In order to gain a greater insight into the potential that tech has as a solution, the team attended the Our Smart Brum launch to hear from leaders in the tech industry.  
  3. The team have swiftly developed a solution and have already began planning their testing phase.

What’s next?

Last week, the team presented their progress so far to their employers at University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust.

After receiving some constructive criticism and feedback on their work so far, Anwar, Moeez, Joshua and James have formulated a plan of how best to continue with their project in the new year.

We look forward to seeing their progress next term… But for now, well done team!

More to come…

We have more project updates coming this week, and more projects launching in 2022!

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