Reflections on 2020

It is undeniable that 2020 will be a year that none of us will forget. It is also only right that we take a moment to remember the incredible people who continue to give so much to help the communities they represent as well as those who have paid the ultimate price in helping others. 

Despite the challenges we have all faced at the hands of the coronavirus, I wanted to take some time today to think about the positive things that were achieved last year, and to reflect on how these will impact employment looking forward into the new year.  

In my view, one of the positive outcomes of the pandemic has been the way that communities have pulled together, collaborating in ways not seen for several generations. We have seen huge amounts of resilience, flexibility and ambition as people responded to the trials of living in a changing world defined by challenges not previously seen. Individuals who have shown creative flair and ingenuity in finding ways of lifting spirits, communicating with loved ones, and adapting new ways of working.

Digital is now the norm – not something to be fearful of, whilst the courage and positive attitude displayed by health professionals and other key workers has given us all confidence. The ambition to beat the virus is best exemplified by the scientists working with education and applying themselves to create a vaccine in record time.

At Digital Innovators we to have had to adapt like everyone else and are proud to say that we have managed to stay focused on our ambition of supporting young people and their future careers at this critical time. We were hugely grateful to be named Solihull Business of the Year in 2020 by Solihull Chamber of Commerce in recognition of this. 

Growing employment challenges

The uncertainty of the last year has resulted in young people having even fewer opportunities as employers’ confidence continues to fall. Studies have shown that young people are amongst those most affected by the pandemic, and therefore this is a time when students and employers need more support than ever. 

As employers start to come to terms with the ‘new and ever changing normal’, we are excited to see a growing number of projects being requested looking for digital solutions using the skills and creativity that young people can bring to the workplace.

By equipping students with the skills demonstrated during the pandemic we believe that we can help them stand out from the crowd and be ready to take their place at work confident in the knowledge that they have the critical skills that employer’s will value.  

None of us know what challenges 2021 will bring but we can look forward and prepare for a world that will continue to change. Digital Innovators’ ambition this year is to ensure that as many young people as possible are prepared for work. We need future employees that are flexible, adaptable and resilient and who have the ability to use their inherent digital skills. We are creating an alternative talent pipeline available for employers to take on using the governments traineeship and apprenticeship schemes. 

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