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As part of the Digital Innovators Skills Programme, we work alongside some of the most innovative, creative and successful employers to allow young people to gain vital work experience and boost their employability.

A brilliant example of the employers we work with is Taran 3D – a 3D design consultancy which specialises in creating interactive experiences using immersive technologies.

We spoke to Taran Singh, Managing Director at Taran 3D, to find out more about the driving force behind the agency and to gain an insight into how they operate. We also discussed the key qualities sought after by employers as well as Taran’s opinion on the importance of digital skills in an increasingly competitive job market.

First things first – introduce yourself!

“We are a creative 3D Agency based in Birmingham that produces amazing interactive content for touchscreens and immersive technologies through our ever-evolving 3D, VR or AR capabilities.

Taran3D is built on an innovative team who enjoy collaborating with clients to create immersive experiences through interactive communication.

We work with a range of clients to engage their audiences by bringing their projects to life. We delve into their business to show how we can improve their output, usually in ways they would never think of. Digital creative storytelling is at the heart of what we do and we combine these skills with cutting edge technology to produce unique and compelling interactive content.

Our clients cover a range of industries including arts, manufacturing, IT, architecture, heritage, social enterprises and public bodies.

As a small business we have grown significantly over the past year, winning our first international clients as well as our first award (Outstanding Start Up Business of the Year in the Asian Business Chamber of Commerce Award Winners 2020).”

Can you explain some of the key job positions in your organisation?

“When I started Taran3D I wanted to build a company and team that is passionate about what we do whilst keeping a balanced work/life approach to ensure we get the best out of everyone.

Whilst I am the MD of the business there is no formal hierarchy at Taran3D – working with likeminded people has huge advantages and allows us to work seamlessly as a team that is respectful of each other’s roles.

During 2020 the team grew significantly with the addition of new developers, a business manager, an experienced teacher/trainer and a marketing consultant giving us more scope to help build the business. I also have mentors that provide me with their knowledge and insight, helping me to develop myself as an employer and creative.

Whilst the team grows, our core principles and approach stay the same of being a passionate, flexible, nurturing company that provides strong mentorship, career development and a thriving environment.”

What advice do you have for young people in search of work or looking to develop their career prospects during these uncertain times?

Training is key during these uncertain times. So, to stay ahead of the competition, we recommend immersing yourself in as many workshops, events, training sessions as possible to keep your knowledge up-to-date. Our region is a hotbed of digital innovation and there are events taking place each week (most for free) that young people can access and attend.

By getting involved in training, webinars and online events it’s a great opportunity to make connections and grow your community. Build yourself a solid network within the industry and put time into growing and developing those relationships.

In your opinion, what are the most valuable skills and qualities that are sought out by employers?

Enthusiasm, initiative, creativity and the willingness to learn new skills are key qualities we look out for.

If we find someone who always gives that bit extra to a project, that is the type of person we will remember and want to collaborate with again.

In our industry there can only be a certain amount of hand holding so we really like people that push themselves and can use their own initiative. Be it their way of thinking, how they approach a project or push their creative boundaries within their field of expertise. These people make a good impression and will always stick in our mind.”

What services do you offer young people and how can people access them?

“We work in partnership with some amazing organisations like Digital Innovators and Tin Smart Social to help support young people break into the industry. This can be through workshops, online tutorials or placement opportunities for students to work with us on live projects.

We are also a member of STEAMhouse, Birmingham’s centre for innovation and creation and are proud to collaborate with them on their VR Birmingham series. These insightful events offer anyone with an interest in VR & AR access to a selection of amazing industry experts who share their expertise and advice.

As a member of STEAMhouse we have been fortunate to have access to a whole world of support, mentorship, training and new connections. The support they have given Taran3D has been instrumental in where we are as a business today.”

How important are digital skills in the workplace and how do you think COVID-19 has impacted this in your sector?

“The lockdowns and lack of physical interaction has made us all more tuned into digital in some way. Most businesses throughout the pandemic have reacted to digital skills in some format, no matter what their industry. From selling online to webinars to zoom meetings – it’s touched everyone in some way and has paved the way for accepting a more digital approach in the future.

Digital is our life and we have always been 100% committed to investing in our skills as a team to ensure we keep up with the latest tech developments. Taran3D was set up to be a flexible working business so we were lucky that when the pandemic started it didn’t affect our working environments or our approach to work or winning new business.

Our innovative approach to research and development of immersive tech has been so important to where we are today as a brand. Areas that we were discussing years and years ago such as game design being used in commercial projects have come into everyday play in the industry and we have worked hard to stay ahead of the game and offer our clients the very best in immersive technology.

This is evident in our partnership with the Sikh Museum Initiative on the Anglo Sikh Virtual Museum, a touring virtual museum that allows the public to enjoy beautiful relics digitally reimagined. This is the perfect example of a project that works successfully online as much as in real life.”

Where can we find more information about Taran 3D?

“We regularly update our blog at www.tarad3d.com and you can follow us on social media @taran3d.”

Thank you, Taran, for taking the time to speak to us and offer such insightful information and advice!

Some of our students are currently working on a project with Taran 3D to create dynamic art for our community. During this project they are delving into skills such as augmented reality and 3D design using Blender, design thinking and digital marketing.

With every Skills Programme comes new collaborative projects for our students. Click here to find out more about the Digital Innovators Skills Programme, the employers we work with and the exciting projects and training you can take advantage of in order to kickstart you career.

This article was written by Bronia - Communications and Business Development Assistant.

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