Employer Spotlight: Our Smart Brum

It’s time for another Employer Spotlight… and this time we’re speaking to the team at Our Smart Brum about all things skills, tech and smart cities!

First things first – introduce yourself and your organisation!

“Our Smart Brum is an inclusive tech mash up that brings everyone together – no matter their background or expertise. The focus is on smart cities and, in particular, the technologies and topics that contribute to the infrastructure of one.”

“We aim to provide sustainable and vegan food, change up the format and theme of each event and meet bi-monthly. 60% of our attendees are young people aged 21 and under. This is important to us because Birmingham wants to be a smart city by 2030 and we believe that in order to achieve this, we need to educate the next-generation now.”

Can you explain some of the key roles in your organisation?

“The key roles in our organisation are the event organisers and the marketing and social media team. For such a big event we manage to juggle with just four team members. As a close-knit team we often dip into each other’s roles if necessary.”

“From our research 100% of attendees found out about Our Smart Brum via social media and online, so our marketing and social media team are always very busy!”

Where did the idea for Our Smart Brum come from?

“The key aspects of Our Smart Brum are togetherness and inclusiveness. A lot of tech meet-ups surround themselves around pizza, beer and specific areas the tech eco-system which can isolate other demographics and technology experts.”

“We welcome everyone, regardless of your background or expertise. All we ask is that you have an interest in smart cities and the topics which surround them!”

In your opinion, what do you think are the most sought-after skills by employers?

Soft skills. We want to empower young people to give them the confidence to be able to network with like-minded individuals, but in an environment where they are comfortable to do so.”

“By seeing other people like them at our events, we want to give them to platform to explore their interests in smart cities whilst developing some skills in the process.”

How much do digital skills play a part in your organisation?

“Digital skills are very important at Our Smart Brum. The technologies involved in a smart city are fascinating and ever-changing. We want to educate people across Birmingham and the West Midlands about these technologies, what they do, and the importance of them.”

“From 5g to Blockchain, from Green Energy to Electric Vehicles, and from Artificial Intelligence to Net Zero, the smart city landscape is a game changer.

What advice do you have for young people who are at the beginning of their careers?

Be bold and take risks. Rejection is something that is common, so take it like a pinch of salt and move on. You will make it, believe in yourself, and never give up.”

How do people get involved with Our Smart Brum?

Anybody who wants to get involved can join us at the next Our Smart Brum meet-up in March. Grab your free ticket here.

You can also join our mailing list for updates and news of our next meet-ups here.

That’s a wrap…

It was great talking to the team and getting their perspective on skills and tech…

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