Digital Innovators students start work with Vanti

Students on the Digital Innovators Skills Programme are gaining live work experience thanks to a partnership project with built environment technology specialists, Vanti. The team will be carrying out vital research for Vanti’s Kahu, a suite of smart technology products designed to support a flexible modern workplace. 

We caught up with James Garrington from Vanti for the low down on what our students will be working on…

Tell us more about Kahu

Over the past few months people within Vanti have been working on market research for Kahu, a collection of smart technology products we’re developing to help our clients create a flexible, productive, and efficient workplace. Kahu allows organisations to manage their workplace in one system, including booking meeting rooms, desk space and providing a customer check-in service, as well as analysing team resources.

What will our students be doing for Vanti? 

The students will be taking on an eight-week market research project. This will see them start by throwing the net far and wide to capture as much information as possible, before feeding back and working collaboratively with us to establish where to focus their efforts. In the final weeks of the project, research concludes and the students will write their findings into a report, as well as deliver a presentation.  

“For the students, this is an amazing opportunity to influence the development of a product that will be used in cutting-edge smart buildings in major cities.” 

James Garrington, Vanti

Market research is an enormous and extremely important task, especially when trying to make it exhaustive enough to cover all bases, and unfortunately (or fortunately we should say) with project and client work heating up we quickly realised we didn’t have the capacity to complete this task to the standard it demands.  

This is why we’re delighted your team of students at Digital Innovators have pitched in – and we’re thrilled to give them all an opportunity to gain vital work experience so it’s a win-win all round.

With support from the Digital Innovators mentors, we will encourage the students to approach the task with as much creativity as possible so they can get stuck in and develop lots of new skills. 

How will this help you and Digital Innovators’ students? 

The students’ final report will be incredibly important for Vanti. As we start rolling Kahu out to more and more clients, having in-depth research will be vital when pitching and selling, deciding price points, as well as deciding areas to develop into. 

For the students, this is an amazing opportunity to influence the development of a product that will be used in cutting-edge smart buildings in major cities. 

We’re thrilled to be working with such a forward-thinking company. To find out more about Vanti, visit their website

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