Announcing Digital INnov8ors Showcase 2020

We are pleased to announce the first ever Digital INnov8ors Showcase. On the 27th January, we’ll be bringing together local educators, businesses and students to showcase what the Digital Innov8ors Programme is all about and how you can get involved.

We’re excited to be welcoming an impressive line-up of guest speakers, who will besmearing their experiences and insight into what employers need and how young people can get a head start on their career. Our speakers include:

  • Robert Elliot, President of Solihull Chamber of Commerce – Collaboration between Business and Education
  • Tejinder Kaur, Content Editor at ITV Central – The Influence of Technology on the Media Sector
  • John Callaghan, Principal of Solihull College – The Challenges Facing Education in 2020
  • Taran Singh, Founder of Taran 3D – The Introduction of New Tech to Your Business

Our students will also be presenting some of their current projects which are being run in collaboration with organisations such as Solihull Police, the NHS, BNP Paribas and CCL Group.

Open to businesses, students, educational establishments and other interested parties, there will also be informal networking and light refreshments.

The free Showcase is on the 27th January at Solihull College from 2-6pm (drop in when you can or stay all day). To register click here.

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