Innovation Lab – Capturing imaginations

Kids can get bored easily – particularly when there’s a long summer holiday stretching ahead of them. According to the parents I’ve spoken to, one of the frustrations can be finding suitable activities to keep busy minds occupied. There tend to be lots of sports activities around for children of different ages, but opportunity to exercise the mind seem harder to come by.

That’s why we launched our Innovation Lab in 2019. For the first time, we took Digital Innov8ors to Touchwood Shopping Centre and sought out children (and parents) who were looking for a new challenge.

Over a number of weeks, students that had completed our Digital Innov8ors Programme at college were encouraged to design and run creative design and engineering activities with children from 8-12. The results were incredible. We had children as young as eight coming up with credible ideas to help tackle climate change, and saw shy youngsters quickly find their confidence with the help of some of the techniques we use with our own students.

Parents were treated to a presentation at the end of each day and many were surprised to see just how much the children had accomplished in a day – and without the help of a screen!

We’re hoping to run Innovation Labs again in 2020. To find out more or to register your interest, contact us on

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