Digital INnov8ors Showcase 2020

Just two weeks until our first ever Digital INnov8ors Showcase in association with Solihull College & University Centre! Bringing together local educators, businesses and students.

The future of employment, the need for collaboration between education and business, and the impact of technology on the economy shall all be discussed alongside Digital INnov8ors students showcasing their progress on their own pathways into employment.

In addition to meeting the various contributors to the Digital INnov8ors Community, attendees will also benefit from:

  • Building your business network
  • Understanding the impact of technology on your business and the future of employment
  • Understanding the Digital INnov8ors approach to developing skilled future employees
  • Learn how Digital INnov8ors and Solihull College & University Centre can benefit your business
  • Meeting other like-minded local business people

Register now at:

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