What is it like to have a Kickstarter?

Are you interested in the Kickstart Scheme? Do you want to know more about what it is actually like to employ a Kickstarter?

Well, nearly 6 months ago we hired the wonderful Hannah through the Kickstart Scheme, and it’s safe to say… we haven’t looked back since. So, we want to share what our experience of the Kickstart Scheme has been!

What was the application process like?

As we applied through a Kickstart Gateway, the process of applying for the Kickstart Scheme was very straightforward!

After an initial approval period, we submitted a job description and then waited for applications to come through from the Job Centre, after which we could conduct interviews.

This is where we met Hannah and realised she was the person for the job!

How has the overall experience been?

The best word to describe our experience of hiring Hannah through the Kickstart Scheme has to be – valuable.

Not only has Hannah taken on her day-to-day responsibilities without a hitch, but has been able to offer fresh insights and perspectives on our wider operations. David Hull, Business Development and Operations Director, has worked closely with Hannah and had this to say about his experience:

“For Digital Innovators, the Kickstart Scheme is a win-win. The scheme provides us with the opportunity to give a young person the chance to kickstart their career with real work experience, whilst also providing the opportunity to gain new perspectives and diversity within the team.”

“On a personal level, employing through the Kickstart Scheme has allowed me to be more effective and efficient in my work as my experience is blended with the youthful input of our Kickstarter, Hannah.”

Would we do it again?

Definitely! Hannah has added so much value to Digital Innovators and continues to support our long-term objectives with her work alongside the Business Development team.

It has also been a pleasure for the team to see Hannah’s personal development whilst in this role, something which will continue as Hannah is going to be staying with us permanently whilst completing a degree apprenticeship!

We are also currently recruiting for another young person to join the team via the Kickstart Scheme!

How was the Kickstarter’s experience?

As much as this has been a great experience for the team at Digital Innovators, it has been equally as impactful for Hannah. Here’s what she had to say:

“I started a Kickstart position at Digital Innovators about 5 months ago now, and have really enjoyed the whole experience! I have had the opportunity to work with a great team whilst in a meaningful role, and gain real life work experience. I have also been able to develop my confidence and vital professional skills such as communication, team work and organisation. I’m excited to see what else is to come.”

So, you have heard our experience with Kickstart…

What could yours be like?

For more information on the Kickstart Scheme and how to apply through our Kickstart Gateway, click here.

To download the Digital Innovators Project Guide – including FAQs, case studies and more, click here.

Any questions? Get in touch at info@digitalinnovators.co.uk.

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