Is this job right for me?

Is this job right for me? Applications are a two-way street

Applications are a two-way street

When we’re applying for jobs, we often fixate on how we can prove that we are the most suitable candidate for the job we’re applying for, which of course, is good practice. However, whilst we put all our energy into doing so, we sometimes lose sight of the fact that we need to make sure that the job is also suitable for us.

So, how can we figure this out?

It’s quite difficult to tell if a job is right for you, especially before you have even landed the role. The key stage to figure this out is during the interview process. This is your chance to speak to your potential colleagues and gauge how well you could work together and how you might fit into the organisation.

Ask questions about the job based on what is important to you. If socialising with your colleagues is a must, you can ask questions about the work/office culture in that organisation. If you’re more of an independent worker, you can discuss the company’s expectations around collaboration and team outputs. Do the values of the organisation align with your own? Does the proposed salary meet your expectations and reflect your experience?

Workplace preferences and requirements are incredibly important to overall job satisfaction and are something which we prioritise on the Digital Innovators Skills Programme. Before assigning our students to a work project or beginning our skills training, we conduct a Career-Fit Assessment to find out which project will suit them most. This assessment calculates the students’ career interests and their personal work needs and combines these to form a list of career recommendations – which we can then use to make sure our programme will compliment their needs and skills!

I have an interview coming up, what shall I do to prepare?

Think about what is important to you in a job role, and plan some questions around this to cover in the interview process or to email your potential employer. 

Don’t be put off asking these questions for fear that this may lead to a rejection. In the majority of cases, your employer will view this as you being enthusiastic and proactive. It is also part of their responsibility to make sure their employees are happy! However, if your questions aren’t met with the greatest response, you should probably rethink whether that is the type of organisation you would want to work for anyway.

At the end of the day, everyone has different needs when it comes to their work. So, take care to think through your applications in line with what will make you happy and fulfilled in your next role!

For more advice on important factors to consider when deciding whether an organisation or job role are right for you, check out this The Balanced Careers article here.

Interested in our Career-Fit Assessment? Find out more about the Digital Innovators Skills Programme and how this assessment helps our DI students during and after their time with us.

This article was written by Bronia - Communications and Business Development Assistant.

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