How to look for a job – without hours of scrolling

It is well known that searching for jobs is no easy task, especially given the current circumstances. However, something which is not often highlighted is that job hunting, as well as the rejections that come with it, can be mentally draining on job seekers. 

Tailoring CVs, perfecting cover letters and triple-checking application forms are incredibly time-consuming tasks – and this is only after you have managed to find a job to apply for! Searching for job vacancies, meaning vacancies which fit your skill set, education and experience, can also take forever. Therefore, it is not surprising that job seekers often feel overwhelmed by the process. 

So, we are going to share some tips on how you can find a job – without hours of scrolling through the internet.

Refine your search

Depending on your interests, your skills, your education and your level of experience, the jobs you will be searching for will differ. Consider what job you would like to be doing and what you might qualify for, then you can refine your search.

Rather than searching on job forums for “full time” or “part time” jobs for example, make sure you are searching for specific job titles such as “Graphic Design Apprentice” or “IT Technician Assistant.” 

It is also important to set the location radius you would need to adhere to – are you able to drive if needed or would you be relying on public transport to get there? These questions are important as we move towards emerging from COVID-19 restrictions. 

Additionally, if you know you would love to work for a specific company, rather than searching for them on job forums, go directly to the organisation’s website and search for vacancies on there. Despite advertising on job forums, some organisations prefer applicants to apply directly through them – and it also saves you time whilst making you look proactive!

Make the information come to you

Keeping up to date with the latest job vacancies can be a full-time job in itself. So, you should make the information come directly to you. 

Sign up to job forums or specific company newsletters and job alerts – once you’ve refined your search, you can set alerts for specific job titles and these will be sent to your inbox, as well as company newsletters informing their mailing list of their new vacancies.

Follow organisations on social media and turn your notifications on. Many organisations use social media to advertise their vacancies, so if you’re following them with notifications allowed, you can ensure that you’re on the ball and ready to apply as soon as they’re posted.

Build your network

This is an ongoing method which can be strengthened over time. Networking is a process of making connections and building a network of people in both a social and professional capacity. 

If you have a strong network, you can reach out to people who might have knowledge of a vacancy which would be perfect for you! On LinkedIn you can share that you are #OpenToWork which lets your network and recruiters know that you are looking for a job. If you let people know that you’re in search of work and what kind of role you would like, they will be likely to think of you if they come across anything that fits the bill.

As part of this method, you could reach out to employers directly and introduce yourself. Even if they don’t have an opportunity available at the time you contact them, they might think of you when a vacancy crops up. 

The basis of this method is to maintain your visibility in the job market, whilst building meaningful and useful connections. 

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