Bringing learning to life with VR

Digital Innovators’ students develop virtual reality training for the NHS

Since October, four Digital Innovators students studying IT and IT Software courses at Solihull College & University Centre have been working hard on creating a Virtual Reality simulation for the NHS.

Student Project Manager, Steven Swann, explained that they are in the process of creating two 360° VR scenarios that will allow audiences to engage with their virtual surroundings by answering questions based on the situation they’re in. They’re hoping that by creating these scenarios, it will enhance the experience of those currently training and learning to become Doctors and Nurses. The VR can also be used in schools and for recruitment purposes.

An example of one VR simulation they produced includes a situation where a patient is struggling to regulate their breathing. By having this VR simulation, it allows trainee clinicians to learn how to act when someone is dealing with these issues to help them. The VR interacts with users in the format of multiple choice questions, giving them the choice to pick what they think is the right thing to do. If the answer is wrong, they’ll be told why and then given the option to try again. 

Working on the NHS VR project has given the four students the confidence they need to grow and develop as young people in the field of work. It has allowed them to learn about things they didn’t know before such as creating VR, using new software and how to apply their skills in the workplace. 

“I feel so happy working with my current team. The team at Digital Innovators have been so helpful and supportive both for the project and other matters. My overall experience has been really great and I would recommend it to anyone looking to get into a working environment at a young age,” stated team-member Taylor Nixon.

Kieran Watts summarised his time so far with Digital Innovators in a positive light. “Digital Innovators are doing great things when it comes to giving young people new opportunities to discover and learn. It has allowed not just myself but others too, to pick up employability skills and feel more comfortable when communicating with an employer.”

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