Showcase success!

Businesses, parents and students across the West Midlands were invited to the premier Digital INnov8ors Showcase on 27th January. An event that showcased the innovative projects and talent of Solihull College & University centre students engaged on a unique program delivered by Digital INnov8ors working with local employers. The event highlighted potential changes in technical education and discussed the influence that new technology will have within businesses.

The future of employment, the need for collaboration between education and business, and the impact of technology on the economy were all discussed through guest seminars from John Callaghan, (Principal of Solihull College), Robert Elliot, (President of Solihull Chamber of Commerce) Andy Smith, (Chairman of Bright Bricks) Tejinder Kaur (Content Editor at ITV Central) and Taran Singh (Founder of Taran 3D).

The centre-piece of the showcase however was not the inspiring stories and questions raised within the guest seminars but was the 80 students exhibiting the projects they are completing for their respective clients.

Over 100 businesses, Solihull College & University Centre students and parents attended the event in which students on the Digital INnov8ors programme showcased their digital skills that they have been harnessing over the past 5 months. 16 ongoing projects were all exhibited at the College Conference Centre. Employer Projects were sponsored by Prime Accounting, CCL, National Grid, West Midlands Police, the Ministry of Justice and the NHS. 

Working with Solihull College & University centre the Digital INnov8ors mission is to create parity between vocational and academic learning that “provides alternative pathways to employment” that employers value and which develops confident learners. If the outcomes of the Showcase are anything to go by then the value of these projects for both students and employers will certainly be proven.

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