Project Update – UHB Maps

We have nearly reached the end of the first term on the DI Skills Programme, so of course, it’s time for a project update!

Since the launch of the UHB Maps project with University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust, the project team – Anwar, Moeez, Joshua and James – have been working hard to create an interactive map to help new starters with navigating the site.

We spoke to members of the Digital Innovators team, Harry Paige and David Clarkson, who have been supporting the team as they bring this project to life…

So, how has the team progressed since the launch earlier this term?

The project team have determined a solution to the problem posed by University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust, and have began developing a prototype which allows users to see locations in the hospital using QR Codes and 360-degree video technology.

They have began testing this technology to see how it works, and what they can improve on!

Have there been any hurdles to overcome?

As yet, there have been no hurdles. After meeting just under two months ago, the team have been working very well together ever since.  

Top 3 achievements from the team this term?

  1. The team have been brilliant at maintaining effective communication with their employer by having weekly catch ups.  
  2. In order to gain a greater insight into the potential that tech has as a solution, the team attended the Our Smart Brum launch to hear from leaders in the tech industry.  
  3. The team have swiftly developed a solution and have already began planning their testing phase.

What’s next?

Last week, the team presented their progress so far to their employers at University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust.

After receiving some constructive criticism and feedback on their work so far, Anwar, Moeez, Joshua and James have formulated a plan of how best to continue with their project in the new year.

We look forward to seeing their progress next term… But for now, well done team!

More to come…

We have more project updates coming this week, and more projects launching in 2022!

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