Project Update – The Clarity Practice

What a term it’s been for the DI Skills Programme! Students from Solihull College and University Centre have been working incredibly hard since their project launches, so we thought we’d fill you in on what they’ve been up to.

Giulia, Tauheed, Naima, Tasalla, Emma, Amtul, and Yunus have been working with The Clarity Practice on the development of an app to support carers and care givers.  

So, how has the team progressed since the launch earlier this term?

In a small number of weeks, this team has made immense progress.

They have completed design thinking sessionsdesigned visuals for the app, as well as planning layouts, colour schemes, and logos.

At each stage, this team has held The Clarity Practice’s values and the experience of carers in the fore front on their minds, ensuring that their plans meet the needs of both the employer and prospective customer.

Have there been any hurdles to overcome?

Nope! Due to the clear communication between the team and the employers at The Clarity Practice, this group has gotten off to a brilliant start.

Students working with their DI Mentors and employer from The Clarity Practice to understand the needs of their target audience!

Top 3 achievements from the team this term?

  • The team has been engaging effectively with their employer throughout this term.
  • The team have created unique visuals and plans for the app, informed by their own experiences with carers.
  • Despite not knowing each other just five weeks ago, the team has worked incredibly well together this term.

Great job team! We can’t wait to see what’s next…

That’s it for our project updates this term… Don’t worry, we have more updates coming in the new year on current projects and new ones!

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