Our Panellist at Birmingham Tech 2030!

I joined the Digital Innovators team as an intern following graduating from the University of Birmingham in 2019. After my 3-month stint, I was taken on full time, focusing initially on working with our employer partners. This gave me the opportunity to grow within the business, both personally and professionally, and I’m now delighted to be working in a new role as Engagement and Delivery Manager! Within this role I am the primary point of contact between students and our clients, ensuring that not only are all parties are happy but that they are both growing within the Digital Innovators process. Truth be told, I joined Digital Innovators with little understanding about how the programme worked or how this seemingly simple process really did change lives. However, during the last 18 months observing this journey, I have seen for myself how the young people we work with – who often join us feeling a bit lost – develop the skills and confidence of someone businesses dream of employing. The change within a student’s eyes from day one to day one-hundred has driven my passion for Digital Innovators. 

The need for growing diversity is not unique to the tech workplace. In my opinion, the UK’s policy and societal failings have contributed to not only the stagnation of social mobility for many communities and marginalised groups but also the denial of opportunities for countless talented individuals. This lack of inclusion has a big impact on all sectors. We not only deny everyone access to the gifts, talents and contributions of those we have directly and indirectly excluded but we also create a poverty of relationship too. Differences from communities is the most powerful fuel for our greatest creativity. Diversity strengthens relationships, binds communities and empowers workplaces. What happens if we get recruitment and promotion opportunities right and achieve diversity? We gain a workforce that is truly equipped for the present and future. 

Everyone deserves the feeling of being at home both at work and in society. The feeling of safety and reassurance. Often, we need to create an environment that replicates this feeling. A place in which communities and individuals feel safe and welcome. However, sometimes this sense of belonging is within an individual. For young people, we often feel disconnected and disenchanted with the world. We are often disillusioned with what we see in the streets which can more often than not, lead to a feeling of being lost. Within the Digital Innovators program, we confront this issue. We equip young people with the skills needed to guide themselves through the world they have become often so disassociated with. 

I am deeply passionate about enabling access to career opportunities for all young people and that’s why I’m delighted to be joining the panel discussion at the Birmingham Tech 2030: Growing the diverse talent pipeline’ online event as part of Birmingham Tech Week 2020. On Wednesday 14th October I will be on the panel discussing how we can nurture the brilliant minds the West Midlands has to offer.

To register, visit https://bit.ly/33dI0dp 

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