Knife Crime Project

Supporting efforts to tackle knife crime

Meet the Knife Crime team: Eve, Kiel, Yasin, Kay and Marty are teenagers from Solihull College & University Centre, working alongside West Midlands Police to try to tackle the crime rate in Solihull, specifically knife crime amongst young people. As the project manager Eve puts it;  “Our aim is to support young people and change misconceptions around knife crime.”

The Digital Innovators’ student project team is doing this by planning and building a website to help young people find support, information and other activities tackling knife crime. The website will also help parents by providing advice on raising the subject with their children and educating them about knife crime.

There will be a range of different components to the website to give young people a selection of different things to look at, for instance, a map which can be used to find local projects in your area and a blog which will allow for regular updates on useful information, statements from people who have had experience with knife crime, advice for youth and videos etc. 

The project team is hoping that by creating a website, they will help those that are being affected by knife crime by giving them resources, information and youth-to-youth support and advice on how to combat it effectively. 

Working on the knife crime project has allowed for the five Digital Innovators’ students to learn new skills, build their confidence and work on their communication skills. They have been given the opportunity to attend important events with the West Midlands Police along with meeting and talking to people they wouldn’t normally have the chance of encountering. 

The students pitched their project to Princes Trust which resulted in them being given funding. This will be put towards the development of the website and other aspects of their project. 

The Knife Crime project has been very beneficial to the five students as it is giving them the chance to learn new practical skills and strengthen existing knowledge that is needed in the workplace. It has also given them experience that will help them towards gaining skills companies look for when recruiting apprentices.

“When I first joined Digital Innovators and joined the project, I didn’t exactly know what to do. Everything seemed confusing and I didn’t know where to start. So I spoke with the Digital Innovators’ staff and got some advice on where to begin. Now I’m better than ever and I’m feeling quite confident with my project,” expressed team-member, Eve. “Digital Innovators is amazing for providing young people with advice when it comes to themselves, work and their future.” she added. 

We can’t wait to see what amazing things these five students will do in the future and how helpful and educational their website will be for young people.

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