Green projects to get a boost with students’ help

Digital Innovators is partnering with Solihull Chamber of Commerce to help businesses deliver environmental projects. 

Digital Innovators is offering businesses access to talented local students, who can help devise and implement environmentally friendly initiatives, such as those that reduce emissions and waste.

Businesses will have to commit up to 12 hours in eight weeks to work with the student team, and will not have to pay for support. 

The project is part of the Chamber’s EcoPledge initiative, launched by Chamber president Robert Elliot in the Spring. 

Solihull Chamber of Commerce’s EcoPledge urges businesses to make just one change to their practices in a drive to cut down emissions and bolster sustainability practices.

The  Chamber is encouraging local businesses to take advantage of students’ help via Digital Innovators. 

Digital Innovators specialises in providing young people with access to fulfilling career opportunities. Key to its programme is an eight week live business project which students work on in teams, responding to a brief from a local employer.

Digital Innovators aims to support 20 business projects from September. 

Digital Innovators founder, Mick Westman, and vice-president of Solihull Chamber of Commerce, said: “This is a win-win situation for local businesses, students participating on one of our courses, and the local environment. 

“Despite the additional challenges of coronavirus, the environment remains a key priority and is increasingly important to consumers as well as businesses. 

“By setting up a series of environmental projects supported by local businesses, we can help Solihull Chamber members fulfill their Eco Pledge commitment and give our students access to a number of new and challenging business projects from September 2020.”

Environmental projects are not new to Digital Innovators – previous students have developed a ‘Gener8 Door’ prototype where energy generated via a revolving door can be captured and used to power building lights. 

In another project, students developed a concept to capture energy from cars going over speed bumps to be used to power streetlights. 

Projects will be agreed with local businesses on a first come first served basis.

Robert Elliott, president of Solihull Chamber of Commerce, said:As president I have been committed to various initiatives.  None more so than Business Engaging with Education, and the EcoPledge.  

“This project combines both of these perfectly, and while also working with Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council and their four pillars of sustainability – Clean Growth, Clean Air, Nature Gain, Communication, Education and Engagement – it provides further proof that we can achieve so much more working together.  I sincerely hope students and businesses can benefit and wish everyone luck with their activities.”

For more information and to register your interest in an EcoPledge Project, email

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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