UHB S/hull Map

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Educ'n Centre is on 1st Floor above Minor Injuries Unit.

UHB S/hull Map
Wards Women's Unit Pharmacy 1st: Education Centre Estates Radiology Child Outpatients Medical Records Renal Unit Physiotherapy & Ophthalmology Mallory Bereavement Services Pre-Operation Assessment Staff & Visitor Parking Staff Parking Visitor Parking Ullswater House Netherwood & Coniston House Main Entrance 1st Floor: Library


This is the Wards. Here is an image of it.

Women's Unit

Here is the Women's Unit


Here is the Pharmacy, this is an image of it:

1st: Education Centre

Here is the Education Centre. Here is an image of it:


This is the Estates. Here is an image of it:


This is the Radiology Dept.

Child Outpatients

This is the Child Outpatients Sector. Here is an image of it:

Medical Records

This is where the Medical Records are stored. You cannot view any images of it.

Renal Unit

This is the Renal Unit. Here is an image of it:

Physiotherapy & Ophthalmology

This is the Physiotherapy & Ophthalmology building. Here is an image of it:


This is the Mallory building.

View position here

Bereavement Services

This is the Bereavement Services sector.

Pre-Operation Assessment

Here is the Pre-Operation Assessment sector.

Staff & Visitor Parking

This is where the Staff & Visitor Parking is. Both Visitors and Staff can park here.

Staff Parking

This is where the Staff Parking is. Only staff are permitted to park in this zone.

Visitor Parking

This is where the Visitor Parking is. Only Visitors are permitted to park here.

Ullswater House

This is where Ullswater House is located.

Netherwood & Coniston House

These 2 buildings are Netherwood House and Coniston House.

Main Entrance

This is the Main Entrance to the Hospital. This is where Visitors mainly come and go.

1st Floor: Library

This is the Library. Here you can find and read books, documents and research studies. This is above the Minor Injuries Unit.