Upskill while on furlough

Upskill while on furlough

Did you know that you can complete training while on furlough?

Upskill from the comfort of your home and make sure you stand out upon returning to work with our Skills Programme!

How would I benefit from completing the Digital Innovators Skills Programme whilst on furlough?

  • Learn directly from experienced business leaders
  • Boost your confidence with new digital and employability skills
  • Gain work experience on a live business project

Don’t miss this chance to harness your potential and return to work stronger than ever with our Skills Programme!

Get the most out of furlough

Next steps?

  1. Ask your employer if you can complete the Digital Innovators Skills Programme during your furloughed period (Please note this course lasts 11 weeks so you’ll need to check your furlough time scale)
  2. Send them a copy of What We Cover during the course
  3. Once it’s been ok’d, fill out our Registration Form and we’ll be in touch!
The Stride

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