Our Training

Our Training

How our training will benefit you

Digital Innovators is a training provider specialising in giving people access to fulfilling career opportunities. We work with colleges, businesses and local authorities to help our students develop their innate skills and access alternative routes into employment.

Our focus has traditionally been on helping 16-24 year olds, and we’re now expanding our programme to support younger children and those not in education, employment or training, focusing on groups that are finding it particularly challenging to access careers.

Our Programme

Our programme is designed to help young people realise their potential and tap into their innate digital skills which are so sought after. Our approach is more akin to the type of leadership training senior professionals receive later in their career. While academic skills remain important, employers tell us they need work-ready employees – people with the skills to communicate, collaborate and innovate. So that’s what we teach.

“I’ve learned more about who I want to be and what I want to be because of Digital Innovators.”

Tanaka, Digital Innovators’ Graduate

We combine essential life skills such as leadership, negotiation, confidence and team work, with some of the most established and highly regarded project management techniques such as Agile and Design Thinking. We don’t need to teach digital skills – those are innate with our students. They just need help to apply those skills in a work context.

Our activity not only helps individuals – we’re seeing a really positive impact on businesses thanks to the innovative ideas our student project teams put forward.


We begin by assessing whether a student is right for our programme. This isn’t about their academic skills but about their mindset and potential, which we measure as the four A’s:


Attitude matters, as does confidence, curiosity and presentation.


Mental agility, flexibility, problem-solving and decision making.


Using a growth mindset to achieve success and gain an edge.


The action of putting your talent and skills into operation.

Work Ready Learning

Once on our programme, students follow a structured approach to classroom-based learning and work placements. Our experienced management team gives students access to some of the most advanced leadership and project management skills relied on by successful businesses. These include: Design Thinking, Agile Development, Six Sigma and Lean management techniques. You can find the full curriculum here.

We also place a big emphasis on what we refer to as the four C’s:


How to work in teams to solve complex business and technical problems.


Using verbal and non-verbal communication skills as well as practicing active listening.


Everyone is creative in some way but how do you utilise that skill.

Critical Thinking

How to analyse facts to form judgements in a rational and open-minded way.

“The work that Digital Innovators does with the students to prepare them for being in the workplace is invaluable. It truly makes them stand out amongst their peers.”

Kirsten Pickering, Executive Officer, National Grid

Work Placement

Students are tasked with live projects from industry partners, with a clear opportunity to test their project management interpersonal skills, with the pressure of a deadline and expected outputs. The results to date have far exceeded expectations.

“We’re delighted to have been able to make a positive impact helping young people develop skills for the future. We’ve also learnt a lot in the process and it’s great that everyone involved has gained the recognition they deserve.”

Claire Moore, Director of Operations at BNP Paribas Personal Finance

Enhancing Education

Working in partnership with colleges and universities, we’re enhancing traditional and vocational qualifications so students leave education with the skills and confidence to successfully launch their career. 

We also support college leaders, at middle leadership and college executive level, to implement curriculum changes to enable industry placement and the government’s T-Level qualifications planned for 2020. This includes up-skilling of tutors involved in the programme. 

Are you interested in offering the Digital Innovators programme in your college? Contact us for details.