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Where could your potential take you? Our coaches will help you find out…

On the Digital Innovators Skills Programme, we have a group of dedicated coaches who deliver the course, mentor participants throughout the programme and help you unlock your potential.

Who are our coaches?

Our coaches are experienced business leaders and will help you develop the skills and techniques you need to make your mark with employers and achieve your full potential. They have a wealth of industry experience working for major corporates such as BT and IBM, as well as in the finance, recruitment, public sector and service sectors.

Each project group is also assigned a mentor with 20+ years of experience and specialised skills to encourage and support our students. Your mentor will be on hand to help you make the most of what you have learned and stand out when applying for jobs.

Meet our coaches!

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Meet our employer partners

Now you’ve met the coaches who will guide you through the programme, you’re probably interested in meeting the employers you could be working with!

Past participants on our Skills Programme have worked on projects with employers across various industries and sectors. These employers include National Grid Metering, NHS, Birmingham City Council, BNP Paribas Personal Finance, West Midlands Police, amongst other industry leaders.

The first cohort of the Digital Innovators Skills Programme, funded by West Midlands Combined Authority, have just completed their projects with Vanti, Psytech, West Midlands Combined Authority and Birmingham City Council. You can find out what the project teams got up to on their projects here.

What our employers think about Digital Innovators’ students