Lifelong Learning Resources

Lifelong Learning Resources

Curated by Digital Innovators

Digital Innovators believe that lifelong learning is not just key to getting and keeping the job you really want but is essential to your personal development in general. For that reason we have curated a set of resources that our team members have used themselves, both in their own learning journeys but also in developing the Digital Innovators Skills Programme. We hope you will find these resources useful and informative, whether you have attended one of our programmes of not.

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Digital skills and the latest in digital technology.Digital Skills
The origins of design thinking and how to apply it on real-world projects.Design Thinking
Resources for lifelong learning.Lifelong Learning
How to lead a more creative life.Learn to be Creative

This is a growing and evolving list of resources so we suggest you check back here often to see what we are reading and using and what we would recommend to anyone interested in learning more about the topics we cover on our programme.

Image by Jan Kosmowski from Pixabay