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Kickstart Training Package

Award-winning training provider specialising in employability skills

Digital Innovators is acting as a Kickstart Gateway and is partnered with Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce.

As an award-winning training provider, specialising in employability and digital skills, we provide Kickstart training to ensure that your Kickstart employee is well-equipped with the skills needed to succeed in the workplace.

We have just won an award for ‘Outstanding in Training and Education‘ at Solihull Awards 2021

The DWP states that each Kickstart placement needs to help the young person become more employable. This employability support could include:

  • looking for long-term work, including career advice and setting goals
  • support with CV and interview preparations
  • developing their skills in the workplace

To facilitate this, employers are given £1,500 to spend on the development of their kickstarter as well as set-up costs. This can be used to enlist a training provider who is able to support your Kickstarter throughout their time with you, and provide specialised training in various areas, according to your business needs.

Our Kickstart Training Package

The DWP may ask you to provide records which that you have spent the funding on set-up costs and supporting the young person’s employability. By enlisting a training provider, you will be able to provide clear details of the training which has been delivered.

If you have any questions about the details of our Kickstart Training Package, please get in touch.

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