Kickstart for Young People

Kickstart for Young People

Do you want to know more about The Kickstart Scheme? Are you looking to get a job through Kickstart?

What is Kickstart?

The Kickstart Scheme is a 6 month paid job with a local employer, funded by the Government. It provides a fully funded opportunity for young people to gain experience of working in some of Britain’s most exciting companies.

How does it work?

The government will cover 100% of minimum wage for those employed through the Kickstart Scheme, up to a maximum of 25 hours per week for a period of 6 months. Your employer will be able to top-up your wage, if this is a viable option (e.g. if you were needed for additional hours).

The government funding will also cover National Insurance payments and any pension contributions.

Am I eligible to apply?

Anyone who is between the ages of 16 and 24, lives in the UK and is in receipt of Universal Credit is eligible to apply for a Kickstart vacancy.

How do I apply?

If you meet the criteria to apply for a Kickstart position, this means you should have a Work Coach from your local Job Centre. Get in touch with your Work Coach to see what Kickstart positions are currently available – you might just find the perfect role for you!

If you are between the ages of 16-24, are currently unemployed and would like to apply for a Kickstart vacancy – contact your local Job Centre about getting signed up to receive Universal Credit. Then you will be able to take the next steps to securing a Kickstart position.

Want to know more? The latest addition to the DI team, Hannah, joined us through the Kickstart Scheme and has shared her experience with Kickstart, explaining how it all works…

Have you completed one of our Skills Programmes?

Yes? Well, you are officially part of the DI Collective – our community of past and present DI students! But, why does this matter when it comes to Kickstart?

We work with many employers who often approach us for their new recruits. As a result, we have become a Kickstart Gateway (which means we can help employers apply for government funding for their Kickstart positions).

So, when employers approach us for their Kickstart positions, we can let you know about new opportunities as soon as they become available. Interested in working with our employer partners through Kickstart?

Fill out our simple DI Collective form to let us know what you are currently up to, so we can keep you on our radar for future opportunities – and invite you to our top-up employability workshops which will tackle everything from CVs to interviews, and more.

Any questions?

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