IBM SkillsBuild

IBM SkillsBuild

Explore new technologies, build skills that are foundational for the workplace, and earn professional badges to show what you’ve learned with IBM SkillsBuild

Looking for a way to develop your skills even further?

Look no further than IBM SkillsBuild! As a member of the DI Collective, you can gain access to IBM’s platform full of specialised courses and resources

Why should I sign up?

Nowadays, employers are not just looking for grades, they are looking for skills. With IBM SkillsBuild you will develop core technology and workplace skills, and receive professional badges to show employers what you’ve achieved!

These badges, combined with your DI certificate, experience and academic studies, will ensure that you stand out from the crowd when applying to jobs.

Additionally, if you have a particular career path in mind, or have specific skills you want to enhance, talk to a member of the DI team. We have aligned IBM’s courses with the training modules on our programme to ensure that you maximise your skills development opportunities so we can advise you on the best ones for you!

How do I get started?

To access IBM SkillsBuild, you will need to create an IBM ID.

Using the form below, please provide your name, email and state that you would like help gaining access to IBM SkillsBuild – or you can talk to a member of the DI team during your designated project day!

After verifying that you are currently – or previously have been – a student on our skills programme, a member of the DI Team will be in touch to help you set up your IBM ID and access the platform.

Then you’re ready to go!

Already have an account? Need some help? Use the buttons below!

Please note: To be eligible to access the IBM SkillsBuild, you must currently be or have previously been a participant of the DI Skills Programme. This will be verified upon your application.