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Stretched resources? We can help you by:

Providing a dedicated project team to tackle a project, and
tapping into some of the brightest workplace-ready talent from local colleges.

Do You Have a Challenge to Address?

Perhaps you have a product or service that isn’t firing on all cylinders, or a project you keep delaying due to lack of time. Our unique approach to industry placements has seen groups of students tackle challenges from organisations such as the NHS, Solihull Police, BNP Paribas Personal Finance and many more.

We have a range of options available at minimal cost. You don’t pay for our students’ time, but we do ask for a contribution to our management costs to help us invest in our programme. Options range from providing a team of students for you to manage to helping you scope and run your project from start to finish.

“Digital innovators is unique in supporting start-up businesses with resources that would otherwise be unavailable. Their success with ‘matching’ students with businesses means I intend to use their services for future projects.”

Fina Mann, CEO, FinanciaLearn

How Our Projects Work

We’ve already successfully delivered multiple projects for organisations as varied as the NHS, West Midlands Police, BNP Paribas Personal Finance and The Bear Grylls Adventure as well as supporting many micro businesses. There are four stages to our projects:


Engaging with employers to agree business improvement opportunity, scope, and desired outcome.


Planning a project based on a team of student’s talent and strengths, and producing a delivery plan.


Deploy a project team to the employer, delivering a project executed under the project management standards, over 50 days.


Project reviews and reporting on outcomes measuring project status, student performance and employer satisfaction.

For examples of some of our projects, take a look at our case studies.

Employing the Best Talent

What if you had a crystal ball to predict how your new recruits would turn out? Well, we can’t quite promise that, but we can certainly give you valuable insight.

Qualifications alone are not enough to guarantee you’re attracting the right people for your organisation. As well as teaching our students vital business skills and giving them live business experience, our partner Career-Fit has developed a bespoke assessment tool which identifies our students’ innate skills and matches them against typical characteristics for a wide range of roles. This helps our students identify the careers and industries that will be the best fit for them – and for you.

Training Your Teams

To help fund the Digital Innovators programme, our management team offers tailored training packages using techniques such as Agile, Gamification and Design Thinking to help you develop new problem solving and project management techniques.

“Employers tell us the skills we’re teaching students are vital skills they lack in their business. We’ve adapted our programme, to also offer direct support to employers to up-skill their teams.”

Mick Westman, Founder & Managing Director

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