Digital Skills Curriculum

Digital Skills Curriculum

Kickstart your career with our curriculum and come away with the skills employers really need

Join hundreds of other students that have given their career a boost with our digital skills programme. We will help you:

Build your confidence. 

Communicate, negotiate and challenge others constructively.

Solve complex problems using different digital techniques. 

Learn the art of teamwork and collaboration.

Grow your creativity using new tools and techniques that bring your ideas to life.

Use Design Thinking to help you build great products and user experiences. 

Plan, build and deliver engaging presentations.

Understand how to manage projects and deliver on time, every time. 

What we will cover

Be prepared for interactive learning – we’re all about ‘learning by doing’ not ‘death by PowerPoint’. Every element of our programme includes plenty of activities for you to get stuck into, either individually or in teams.  

Get set
  • Starting Point™, our unique set of questionnaires that tease out your skills, strengths and preferences. This crucial element underpins every aspect of our programme and will give you vital direction to help you plan your career. 

Day 1
  • Say hello to your new teammates and the coaches. 
  • A sneak peek at what’s to come. 
  • Understanding personalities and how they work together. 
  • Building your confidence. 
Day 2
  • How to negotiate to get more of what you want. 
  • Communicating well to leave a lasting – and positive – impression. 

Day 3
  • Tools and techniques for solving real world problems. 
  • How to work effectively with others – even when you think they’re wrong! 

Day 4
  • Failsafe techniques to tackle ‘fake news’. 
  • Unleash your creative genius. 
  • Solving problems with LEGO™.

Day 5
  • Use Design Thinking to build products and services that people really want (and will actually use).

Day 6
  • Coping with and managing personal change. 
  • Going FAR™ in your career and life. 

Day 7
  • Making your digital skills work for you. 
  • Developing skills for life.

Day 8
  • Can you be a better communicator? 
  • How to plan, design and deliver truly great presentations.

Day 9
  • Mastering project management.
  • Why ethics matter and how we can all become more ethically aware. 

Day 10
  • Understand the importance of safety at work. 
  • A look at some current technologies that are changing the world (and how you can use them too). 

Day 11
  • Programming for non-programmers. 
  • Get organised in your job and your life.

Days 12 – 15
  • Bringing your skills to life – a mentor-led project. 

Weeks 4 – 11
  • Making a difference – A significant employer-led project which you will work on in teams. Your chance to come up with innovative solutions to a real challenge that you will pitch to the employer.