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Welcome to The DI Collective!

The DI Collective is a collaborative community for past and current Digital Innovators Skills Programme participants. 

The DI Collective is a place where you can share tips and ideas with your peers as well as seek guidance from the DI team! From CV and interview advice to giving each other a heads-up about job vacancies or relevant course opportunities, The DI Collective will be a hub of useful information to support your next steps following the programme.

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This community is open to our course participants past and present. If you haven’t joined one of our courses but you’d like to learn more, click here.

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An image saying: "I now approach problems with optimism - a mindset change that has already benefitted me in many aspects of my day-to-day life" - Unnati Sodha.
An image reading: "I think the training is a great idea for all job gave me an insight on how project management works, how to work with a team and propose a project proposal." - Kristine.
An image reading: "Taking part in this course has helped me gain confidence and discover strengths I did not know I had." - Sharan Kaur.